Who We Are

Indigo was created in 2012 and is managed by its founders:
mona chehab and nidal roustom.

mona and nidal have started their career at murex and have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in IT, finance and capital markets.
They have successfully delivered strategic programs for leading financial institutions.

They are leading indigo and are involved as escalation levels on most of the projects.

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Mona Chehab Nidal Roustom



Our main office is strategically located in beirut to better service our clients in the middle east and gulf region. Following our growing activity in turkey, we opened an office in Istanbul, at the beginning of 2014.


Our team consists of experts with engineering, financial and software development background and experience.
We will help you achieve all of your targets and have a fast return on investment by carefully following your timelines and budgets.


Our organization will ensure an optimal on target delivery. For every project, we mobilize a delivery manager, a design authority and a stream leader. Projects are followed carefully and matched with internal kpi. Regular follow-up meetings are held to secure a closer management.

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